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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Mercedes and I assist daily to Milonga, Tango is my passion and I will like to share it with you!!


On Wednesday I usually go to Maldita Miloga at Buenos Ayres Club - Peru 571

It is very inexpensive and there is a wonderful Live orchestra that performs at 10:30 (only 50 Pesos)
The orchestra is called Orquesta Tipica el Afronte, there will be 10 musicians on scene and a wonderful tango singer

Before that, there is a tango class for beginners that starts at 9.
Empanadas and pizzas are available in the bar. Live orchestra performs at 10:30 PM !!! It sounds great.

Come with me and enjoy an authentic tango experience, far from the stereotypes of fishnets, melodramatic vocals or acrobatics for export. Observe different dancing styles and rituals: men and women are seated on either sides and procuring a partner involves an intricate code of subtle nods and eyebrow twitches.

Please send me a mail if you are coming to make sure I go and meet you there! I will be glad to share my experiences and tips.


Do you want to learn tango?

Experience a free beginner class I organized for my guests, and discover this passionate dance.

You will experience the basic steps and learn about the basic customs and codes (codigos) of milongas in Buenos Aires

This Friday from 4 PM to 5 PM.  

The class is free for all San Telmo Guests


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