Terms and Conditions

Casa San Telmo is a site specialized in temporary rental that offers an online platform where different owners publish their properties.

How to proceed?
If you are looking for apartment rental, introduce the dates and the number of guests on the home page.
The apartment's files will give you an idea of the essential characteristics of each apartment, they will help you to find what you are looking for.
If you find a publication in which you are interested, just fill the reservation form in order to contact the owner of the apartment.
To make the reservation effective, 20% of the stay must be paid to the owner, with the possibility of doing it via credit card.
To this 20%, you must add U$S40 that are addressed to webpage service.
In the case that you arrive in a weekend, or out of the office hour schedule, U$S20 are charged, addressed to solve the inconvenience occurred.
At the moment of the guest's arrival, in a time previously arranged by the two parts, the owner of the apartment will receive the guest and show the proper usage of the installations and inform him about the zone of residence. There, the rental contract will be signed, with the inventory of the apartment, paying the rent plus the safety deposit. The guest will receive the keys of the apartment and arrange with the owner the time of check out, if not, the time will always be 10am.
During check out, the guest returns the keys and receives the safety deposit, after checking the inventory and the condition of the apartment. In case passager doesn't show up at check-in day, reservation will be cancelled as no show and reserve deposit will be for landord as compensantion.

Payment methods
The total amount of the rent must be paid on the arrival, it will be done in cash in North American Dollars to the owner of the apartment.
The guest must make a safety deposit to the owner, which varies in relation to the time and category of the reserved apartment, and is going to be done on the arrival, in cash.
In any case, the deposit will be returned by the owner of the apartment at the end of the stay, unless there are damages, in which case the guest will have to pay the cost of them.

Included Services
All of the apartments are completely furnished and equipped with sheets and plates.
Unless the contrary is specified, the amount of the rent includes all the services and taxes of the apartment (Electricity, telephone, water, gas,cable TV, internet)
In some specified cases, the listed prices also include the maid service. The inclusion of this maid service in the rent does not release the guest from the obligation of leaving the apartment in the same condition it was received.
Most of the apartments listed have a telephone service that includes a limited credit to make local calls. The apartments that offer this service include the cots of it in the rent. In order to make cell phone or international calls, the guest will have to buy pre-paid telephone cards.

Specific Conditions
To make a reservation it is a requisite to have the age of majority in your country of residence and to be financially responsible.
The owner of the apartment will need to have specific information, such as name and age of all the people that will be on the apartment. The staying of guests that were not previously arranged in the contract are grounds for eviction.The owners reserve the right to refuse admission.
If the guest happen to have some kind of inconvenience, he will have to report it as soon as possible to the owner of the property, who will do his best to resolve the problem.
Most of the apartments listed on this site can be reserved for one-week minimum stays.
The maximum period will be of 6 months (according to the current applicable legislation).
Should an unforeseen event in the property occur, prior to the arrival of the guest that ruled out the possibility of his stay there, the previously received money from the reservation will be returned.

Cancellation policy
If the guest needs to cancel the reservation, the amount paid is not refundable.
In case the guest should shorten his stay, the amount paid as rent is not refundable since it is considered as a compensation for the owner for breach of contract.

Extension of the stay
Temporary rental contracts can not be extended. They have a beginning date and an end date. This extension will involve the preparation of a new contract for the new arranged period, and it is subject to the availability and changes that may have occurred in the rental price.

We strongly recommend that, at the time of booking, you hire a valid insurance policy in your country to cover cancellation charges, luggage claims, medical expenses, accidents and other eventualities.

By using our site, you accept and are subject to all the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, conditions of Booking and Cancellation Policies. If you do not agree with them, please do not use our site.