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Terms and Conditions

Reservation Conditions
To make a reservation, you must have reached the age of majority in your country of residence and that you are financially responsible.
You must start your reservation request through the reservation application form.
Reservations are only made upon 20% payment of your stay to the owner of the apartment.
Service Fee during the Check In to be received by the owner of the apartment: U$D 40.
After hours rents: U$D 20.

Means of Payment
Full payment shall be made on your arrival to the owner of the apartment, we only US dollars in caso,.
The tenant shall make a guarantee deposit to the owner of the apartment. The amount of this deposit varies in relationship to the duration of the stay and category of apartment.
This shall be paid in cash. In all cases, the deposit will be reimbursed from the owner of the apartment once the stay has finished, unless there are damages, in which case the tenant shall pay for them in accordance with the cost.

Particular Conditions
The owner of the apartment will need to have certain information, such as the names and ages of all the people that will stay in a facility.
Accommodating more guests in the facilities than what was previously established in the contract is sufficient reason for eviction.
Home owners reserve the right to refuse admission.

If the guest finds any kind of inconvenience or fault in the facilities functioning, he should inform the owner as soon as possible, how will do his best to solve the problem.

Unless otherwise provided, the rent includes all the property's services and taxes. (The Property's Common Expenses, Taxes, Light, Gas, Telephone, Water and TV Cable Bills). The stay, guarantee deposit and full commission are paid on your arrival to the apartment.
All of them are fully furnished and equipped with full tableware and linen.

Most of the apartments listed in this site may be reserved for a minimum stay of 1 week.
The maximum stay shall be of 2 months (in accordance with applicable legislation in force) with the possibility of renewing the contract for 2 months more.

On the guest's arrival, at the time previously agreed, the owner of the apartment shall welcome you in the rented property where he will show you how facilities are used. He will also provide useful information on the zone of residence (nearby tourist spots, means of transportation, restaurants, etc.).
At that time, the rent contract and attached inventory will be signed with the owner and you shall pay him the rest of your stay plus the corresponding guarantee deposit.
The guest will be given the apartment keys and will agree with the owner on the time to leave the apartment (check out).
All check outs are at 10 a.m. unless other arrangements are made with the owner.

In some cases, as indicated on the site, listed prices include maid service with the stated frequency for each case. Including this cleaning service in the rent price does not release the guest from the obligation of leaving the apartment in the same state of cleanliness that it was received.

Most of the apartments listed on this site have a telephone system (fixed or mobile) offered by local telephone companies including a limited credit for making local calls. Apartments offering this service include its cost in the rent price.
To call cellular phones, long distance or international calls and/or to extend the credit for local calls, the guest should proceed to buy pre-paid telephone cards.

At the time of the apartment's check-out, the guest returns the property's keys and gets his guarantee deposit back from the owner, after checking the corresponding inventory and the apartment's general state.

Cancellation Policy
If the guest needs to cancel the reservation, the money paid is not refundable. The money paid as rent is not refundable. If the guest wants to shorten his stay, the payment made cannot be refunded as it is considered to be a compensation for the owner on account of contract breach.

Stay Extension
Temporary rent contracts cannot be extended. They have a commencement and an expiration date. If you need to extend your contract, it implies signing a new contract for the new agreed on period, that is subject to availability and variations that prices may have suffered.

We strongly recommended that at the time of your booking, you supply yourself/customer with insurance policy in your country to cover cancellation charges, luggage claim, medical expenses, accident and others.

Using our site, implies that you accept and subject yourself to all the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Reservation Conditions and Cancellation Policies. Should you not agree with these, please, refrain from using our site.

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