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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Food & Drink. Pizza.

  Mi Tío

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Traditional pizza of the neighbourhood.

Forty years on Defensa street. Not my uncle ("mi tío") or yours, the Bar. It has affordable prices and certain interesting peculiarities: they make pizza in the public view and there are tables on the sidewalk where it is impossible to sit on weekends. It is always full; this alone is an indication of how good a restaurant it is. The tables are red (we wanted to point this out for people with sensitive eyes). On the paintings made by unknown artists you will find some traces of the place itself... a little bit of grease (maybe they were made by the pizza chef when he felt moved by his kneading). You shouldn't come here looking for a modern restaurant, at least not as regards the environment. We want to emphasize the artistic development necessary for making a pizza. It's just flour, water, yeast and salt and it may seem simple at first glance. But if the proportions aren't right, if the kneading (with the baker's hands, never with a rolling pin) is not good enough to ensure that the ingreadients are mixed properly and that the texture and temperature are right, the pizza could come out hard, dry, underdone or tasteless (and this is bad news for the baker). According to the pizza chefs, the dough is the main secret of making pizza. Four words to sum it up: The pizza is delicious. One final question: How about some beer to go along?


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