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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Refugio de Oleiros

This restaurant belongs to the Asociación Hijos del Ayuntamiento de Oleiros, Spanish immigrants from the province of Coluña, Galicia. It specializes in seafood, shellfish, Spanish tripe stew and paella.

The food is home-made style, of good quality, and abundant. The prices are low. The service and attention are personal, though perhaps a little slow as usually only one waiter is responsable for all the tables. But one always feels welcomed. And anyway, what's the rush, especially when the food is so good and worths waiting for? The restaurant is located in an old local club belonging to descendants of the town of Oleiros. Luis Alberto is very friendly and helpful and serve customers as if they were friends and/or lifetime acquaintances. You'll feel as if you went to eat to the house of a relative. The place? Two great halls with the typical appearance of Spain.


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