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  Línea Neta

In mid-2004, two young designers decided to break their way into the world of interior design, so they began making furniture based on their own designs with excellent finishings, which they customize for each customer, trying to reduce the cost to the minimum and deliver in the shortest time possible. Their work is based on the belief that there is only one way to deliver a piece of furniture “Properly.” These kids are demanding, but undoubtedly efficient. For example, they make various models of chairs made of solid cherry tree wood, upholstered or with wooden backrests; tables for every room of the house: coffee tables, dining room tables, television tables; sofas; all the furniture you can imagine and even accessories! In their shop you will see living room, dining room and bedroom sets with a variety of beautiful items: mats made of leather and hide, baked enamel soup bowls and sugar bowls, leather magazine holders and glazed-glass vases. In conclusion, they are all pieces of furniture designed with simple, clean lines, as in the name of the shop in Spanish, “Línea neta,” that are arranged with a few select objects to create simple and elegant environments where there is nothing superfluous and nothing missing.


Furnished apartments for temporary rental in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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