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  Casal de Catalunya

El Casal is a special jewel. Its construction began in 1886 and it continued until 1927, when it was attached to the neighboring building and the façade was reformed in order to characterize the building, in the search of its own architectural language to express its nationalism, it became a manorial house, with Barcelonian-style neogothic architecture, combined with modernist decoration from the beginning of the century. You should not miss the iron work of the façade, the vitrified ceramic and the fresco that decorates the main room. In the building you will find the restaurant and theatre room "Margarita Xirgu," in addition to 5 more rooms used for painting, photography and drawing exhibitions. But let's talk about the restaurant. The bar is located near the entrance, under a wonderful stained-glass window from 1880 next to the main staircase of the historical building. Here the specialty is tapas: tripe, tumaca bread (with tomato), anchovies and a large variety of authentic tapas that will make you feel like you're in Barcelona. The restaurant serves Catalunian food. They serve incredible pork, which they prepare using very young pigs that are cooked as in the old ovens of Segovia, crunchy and tender. You will also find some Catalunian specialties, from the sea, garden and mountain, with their typical sauces, such as the alioli (similar to mayonnaise, with garlic and olive oil), romesco sauce (made with pepper, almonds, fried bread, garlic and parsley, "picada" (a mix of various ingredients crushed together in a mortar), sofrito (tomato and onion) and samfaina (vegetable cubes sautéed in olive oil). But the best is their festival of desserts: Catalunian crème brûlée, mel i mato, orange flan, brazo gitano (rolled sponge cake) with chocolate cream and cava granita and Patxarán. The kitchen is managed by Yanina Andreani, Damián Cicero and Mauro Gentile, a trio of young men and women who all belonged to the team of Catalonian Chef Joan Coll.


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