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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Jorge Muscia, el Fileteador del Tango

The relationship between tango and "filetes" (a local kind of decorative painting) is not coincidental; both are the result of the same need: to express the new identity of Buenos Aires locals. Tango and "filetes" are part of the same history. Jorge Muscia recreates this relationship in his work, almost entirely based on tango themes: dancers, musicians and instruments that come to life in the "filetes." The close relationship between "filete" artists and tango led him to participate in different projects based on both of these forms of art. Jorge Muscia is a pioneer in the combination of "filetes" and other types of artwork that are not related to its historical tradition. Because of his important contribution to popular arts in Buenos Aires, he was appointed the Head Professor of the Academia Nacional del Tango (National Tango Academy) of Argentina and has held this office from 1990 to date.


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