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  La Puerta Roja

La Puerta Roja is a different kind of invitation. What kind? Just knock and come in. It doesn't matter if Chacabuco is a fairly dark street: at Chacabuco 733, this door glows and opens as soon as you ring the doorbell, like at the speakeasies, the illegal bars in the 1920s, during the dry years in the United States. It is a simple, essential bar, with nothing superfluous, which was transformed exclusively due to word of mouth publicity, in an inevitable place like San Telmo. Mariano, Lenny and Greg are the managers of this place. Among their customers are many foreigners as well as Buenos Aires natives and visitors from other neighborhoods. Some arrive early and others keep coming in well after dawn. A staircase leads to the bar where you have to go if you want to get a drink. It is not necessary to ask for the menu: A large blackboard tells you the list of options. The area is divided into three parts: a room with pool tables, another with two circular tables with sofas, where dinners will be served in the future, and a third area where the bar is located, that also has low tables with stools and armchairs. Now you know: to get in you have to knock and enter. All you have to do is wait until they open the door.


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