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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Asociación Amigos Erik Adriaan van der Grijn

Erik Adriaan van der Grijn was born in the Netherlands and created his gigantic works in different parts of Europe before moving to New York and, more recently, Buenos Aires. Throughout his life he was inspired by his social conscience and his personal ideas about historical development and injustice and has expressed his feelings on vast surfaces, such as "murals," as a form of protest. He explains that his feelings cannot be expressed on small pieces of canvas, even though he acknowledges that by doing so, his work would become more available to the public who would be interested in purchasing it. One of the main characteristics of his work is the use of large canvases and surfaces. His wonderful paintings have never been ignored by national and international critics or by juries, which have granted him various awards. This has not prevented his work from being sponsored by different museums and offices of large corporations and art patrons in large surfaces. Throughout the years he has used brushes, sprays and different techniques to add bright yellows and dense blacks to his work in order to express universal concepts such as awareness and the danger and conflict we all see in today's world. Erik also expresses optimism in his abstract works through the profuse use of orange-reds and celestial blues, a symbol of the better times that we all long for. Thursday and Friday from 12 to 19 hs Saturdays from 12 to 15 h.


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