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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  La Resistencia

  • Defensa 827
This is a bar with history, a witness of never-ending afternoons of conversations between friends, which last till dawn, with wine and shared stories. Where people meet to have a good time, debate on how to change the world and have the inevitable discussions about football. This bar has been a witness to decisions made at the crossroads of love affairs, fights and reconciliations... behind the bar is "El Gallego" ("The Galician"), who has always managed to renovate and recreate this bar, at least a little, which has gone through tough times since the unstable political situation in 2001, when we experienced one of the most difficult Argentinian crises. In fact, the name of the bar refers to that turbulent political situation. La Resistencia ("The Resistance") opened in 2001, when the people started banging pots in demonstrations demanding that the banks return their money. Come to this site and see what became of the poor pots. They are all full of dents. How did it all end? The banks kept most of our deposits and La Resistencia opened. Each person may decide which is the good news and which is the bad news. Incredible times!


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