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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Food & Drink. Pubs.

Club, Bar, Cultural space, connecting passionate people for music and gastronomy in all their forms.

In Yauss Cultural Club, you can relax, be tranqui and unattached. We are in San Telmo; Buenos Aires, where artistic-cultural, ethnic, musical and gastronomic diversity motivate us to make this change. Before we made waffles just here, but create a broader proposal; and sustainable self-identity: we use recycled materials to build our space objects. and try to keep adding people who are convencid @ s that making a small change can achieve great things, not to have fun and respecting one another. Expos Photographs, delicious drinks, art, drawings and some musicians and famosillos with us every day! sumate and about you. The gastronomy: Eat well, economic, cute and rich. Attention is close, respectful and good vibes as from four years ago. Options: Seasonal dishes and pica pica. Vegetarians, diabetics, veggies, celiac and carnivores and noon oficinaistas can live in this world, that respect and diversity is. Chefs special nights guests and we look forward to cursitos or bartending workshops and fast or easy kitchen for fun people. The music is diverse but we enjoy a wide range of artists and styles. from Lisandro Aristimuño Kevin Johansen, from Bjork to Kruder & Dorfmeister, from Michael Jackson to Depeche Mode, From, Atahualpa to Ralli Barrionuevo, from Bill Evans to John Coltraine, Passing Chancha Via Vircuito, Tremor, Tonolec, or Daft Punk, and see friends list is long and there are "many etceteras". You can hear our lists on SoundCloud soon. Yauss! 1. It is an exclamation of happiness, satisfaction, and joy. 2. Affirmative Expression, positive or Celebration. 3. Synonym for Si.


Furnished apartments for temporary rental in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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