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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  La Brigada

Parrilla de lujo, carne increible

Located under an awning that says “A different style in grilling”. La Brigada, managed by the famous Hugo Chavarrieta, Special beef and veal cuts are complemented by untraditional meats as part of a varied menu. There is a lot of attention to detail. There is also a winebar and wine shop.The master, every morning deals with finding the best meat and the best cuts available, and turns coal from 09.00 pm to noon the coals are in the perfect point. You will recognize him for his long hair, his homely dress, gypsy look very dark, and greets customers like someone waiting for a friend. Now, Where did this master learn? With Carlos Vinegar, owner of the mythical Parrilla La Raya, as the story says, he gave his most precious secret, a hidden ingredient of chimichurri, in a negligence. This grill is full of tourists and locals. The waiters wear bright green shirts. There is a very noisy atmosphere because the tables are very close to each other. The best advice is to book a table and be in place before 20 pm because otherwise, there is no place. Go, ask a good juicy steak, sweetbreads and sin cheerfully.


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