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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Parrilla del Plata

A very modern environment that predisposes to enjoy a great barbecue enjoying Argentinian meat.

This grill is located in what once was one of the stores of the "Grandes Carnicerías del Plata" (a butcher´s shop chain). It still has the old "gancheras" (meat hooks) where the carcasses were hung, the meat cutter, cold storage chamber, tiled walls, black-and-white lime tiled floors, and old black-and-white photos of the old shop. However, you will not exactly feel like you have been transported to those times in a time machine, since, in spite of all these details, the environment is very modern, and it is great for enjoying the best Argentinian grilled meat. A very important detail is that there are tables on the large sidewalk where you can have lunch or dinner outside. On this same sidewalk you will see Rosita, the informal car guard. In the neighbourhood they call her "La Gorda" (The Fat Woman). She will greet you with a bottle in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a cordial "Hola, amigo". Don´t worry, she does her job very well!


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