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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Middle eastern and armenian food restaurant, with an impressive hall.

Those who wish to enjoy a restaurant with Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisine should not miss Burmana, which was founded a decade ago in Olivos, but opened just recently in San Telmo. Its entrance is very impressive: it is salmon-colored, with golden decorations and has a red carpet and a display cabinet with Oriental artwork. This restaurant is run by Bedros Evazian and his sister Sylvia, who keep their culture alive here by cooking as they were taught by the women of the family, with arduous manual techniques. The environment includes many allegorical decorations, mostly original pieces and upholstered items. We recommend that you follow the Oriental trend and use the low lounges with cushions and puffs and low tables. The menu includes: very fresh tabule, mahmara (made with sweet peppers and nuts, with spices), raw minikeppes, mydara (lentils, wheat and sautéed onion) or some of the other items in this long menu, which includes seven varieties of raw or cooked Kappe. Over twenty varieties of Arabian sweets made with dried fruit, puff pastry and syrup, which add a sweet touch to the evening and are great with oriental coffee, the grinds of which can be "read" by an expert in the restaurant to tell your future. After this you can try the traditional Narguile (a water-pipe), which can often be seen in Oriental movies.


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