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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  El Histórico

EL Histórico is a place worth exploring because of its mystical ambiance and Colonial architechture. The Colonial house belongs to the Society of Argentine Writers (SADE), and here, in the main hall, one can still appreciate a library that houses more than 24,000 books, as well as classical antique chandeliers and a piano that was donated by Teatro Colón. The restaurant is divided into various sections. The patio \"Jorge Luís Borges\" stands out as a section not to be missed. It´s a great place for dining in the open air. In the center of the patio there is a cistern and the floors are of black and white tiles. In another section, there is a large bar for drinks. Another section is more intimate with comfortable chairs and a relaxed mood. Lastly, there is a large enclosed patio, spacious and bright, with nice surroundings. A mysterious legend accompanies the house. It´s said that the spirit of Felicitas Guerrero de Alzaga, who was killed by one of her lovers, to this day lives in the old house.


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