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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Rosa de los Vientos

This is a tapas bar, which is painted red with exposed brick walls and a cozy environment. The owner is an Argentinian who spent 5 years in Spain and became addicted to tapas. He liked tapas so much that when he returned to Buenos Aires he convinced his parents to open this restautant. Once we heard this story, we wanted to know more about these famous tapas. After some research, we found out that during the reign of Carlos III, people drank a lot of wine (we can't lie though, people always drink a lot of wine!). Therefore, in order to prevent the stomach problems caused by the consumption of so much alcohol, the King ordered that a ham and cheese dish be served as a “tapa”. This prevented people from drinking wine on an empty stomach. After satisfying our curiosity with this information, let's go back to the restaurant. You must be wondering: Are tapas served here like in Spain? No, the tapas have been adapted to suit local tastes. For example, you eat tapas here sitting down, but in an environment that is ideal for meeting with friends. Without getting drunk, of course. But there is another option: having tapas and getting drunk too. Why not?


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