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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Inmobiliaria Giesso

This agency was founded by Osvaldo Giesso, the son of a family that immigrated from Genova and settled in La Boca and San Telmo. At the request of his family, Osvaldo studied engineering. Later, he studied architecture, a subject in which he had more interest. In 1967, when San Telmo was going through a down time, he bought a house at 360 Cochabamba. The house originally served as an architect´s studio and as a shop, “La Flor de San Telmo,” which sold pieces designed by artists from Di Tella. In 1971, many theaters sprang up in San Telmo and the house at 360 Cochabamba became a center of reference for the various activities in the neighborhood. This project grew into what is today one of the most well-known real estate agencies in San Telmo.


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