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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Martiniano Arce, Filete

Martineano Arce is the "Fileteador" of Buenos Aires. "Fileteador" is an artist that makes "filetes," a popular artwork consisting of a typical style of decorative painting that, together with Tango and Mate, is a symbol of our culture. We should mention that the word "filete" comes from the latin "filum" (thread) and means "fine decorative line." Its English, French and Italian equivalents are fillet, filet and filetto, respectively. "Filetes" from Buenos Aires were first made for the decoration of carts used by green-grocers, milkmen and bakers and were later used on other horse-driven vehicles and then on trucks and buses. This is how Martiniano started off, by painting filetes on carts as a child and then on trucks and buses. He later applied this technique to painting on canvas. Walking into his workshop is like entering a fairytale world in which every brushstroke makes dragons, flowers and other famous characters from Argentine tradition, such as Gardel, Troilo and Rivero, come to life. Martiniano even used this technique to paint his own coffin with his epitaph in "lunfardo" (Argentine dialect): "The guy was resting happily, he was not warmly dressed, they painted his smile on his "jonca" (lunfardo for coffin) with filetes."


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